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There is a far too prevalent tendency to shirk the real hard (technical) work which must be accomplished before lasting success can be attained. No matter how naturally talented any individual singer may be, he or she cannot possibly produce the best results as a singer unless the particular organs have been subjected to a proper and sufficiently long course of training.”

Enrico Caruso
Sing for Pleasure or Professionally

Dying to sing, but the notes come out off tune? Have that audition coming up and need polish? Or, just want to belt it out at a party and have fun. Singing is a learned art and you can sing, guaranteed. All you need to do is show up for your lesson!

Experience and Expertise

At 17, she became a contracted section leader and soloist for several different churches and synagogues. Whether, performing a solo recital, an operatic lead, premiering a new musical or singing with a Klezmer band, Harriet is home on the stage.

Speak so Others Listen

Terrified to speak in front of others? For those brave enough,  do you put your audience to sleep, rather than wake them up? Is your voice static, rather than varied? Are there more ahs and ums then content? If you have breath, there is hope!

“I’m pleased with all the positive feed-back I am receiving on my newly found voice.”  John Mackinson, age 70

“I wouldn’t even sing Happy Birthday at parties! We worked on my singing voice in order to improve my speaking voice — and now I’m just inches away from trying karaoke. How liberating!”                                                                                                                                                                                     Shelley Perez, age 44

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